Membership Card

Membership cards have been around for some time now in many forms from simple paper card to full laminated card. With increasing card printer technology it is now possible to produce a card in small quantities yet have the quality of screen printing at a fraction of cost.

The main purpose of a membership card is to contain the member’s details. This can be done by either a barcode or a magnetic stripe. A barcode on the card is normally sufficient as it is only the membership id number that is needed to tally to the database. The magnetic stripe offers more information to be retained i.e. address of the member although this then could prove to be a security issue if the card is lost and the data is used illegally.

What should I put on my Membership Card?
Depending on the design of the card it is possible to get the majority of the design pre-printed in mono or full colour, with the additional information on either the front or back of the membership card.

When designing your card the first thing is to decide on the whole design. Next is the decision to include a photo ID or not.Font size and colour is important as the membership name needs to be clearly visible by staff enabling quick transactions to take place. Barcodes need to be in black on a white background and to be a reasonable size on the card to give most barcodes the optimum chance of scanning.


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